Hullabaloo 2021

Sing with Hullabaloo

Come and sing 2021 in with Hullabaloo Community Quire!

This term we are working towards a performance (our first in over a year!) in May. This will be as part of our ongoing collaboration with the multi instrumentalist and composer Vyvienne Long, and our gig will be part of the  Brighton Fringe Festival.

Though we very much hope that this show will be IRL (In Real Life), the  Hulla Steering Group and our Musical Director Kirsty Martin have been making contingecnies for all situations – for throughout the term and the show itself.  

Throughout January Hullabaloo Community Quire will be meeting and rehearsing on Zoom. These sessions are open to all and will focus on forming our ensemble and having creative fun together, while also starting on our new repertoire and beginning to rehearse for the show. 

Due to the current situation, Zoom is our default medium – we will return to Zoom & Room when permitted and top-up fees/ additional registration will be offered accordingly.

See you there!