Autumn Term 2020

Blimey…2020! What a curveball!

Remember March? When we bravely took to Zoom, with a ‘we’ll be home by Christmas’ gung ho determination to keep the choir together – singing, embracing new projects and skills, and working towards a common goal?

Well we certainly achieved that through the summer months, (albeit with a select group – Summer 2020 Hulla Gang Forever!!) culminating of course with our wonderful Live Stream event and raising nearly £3,000 for Water Aid.

Live Stream on Your Tube.

We’ve really missed the Hulla folk who chose not to Zoom with us last term, but it’s ok, we get it – many folk ‘don’t do Zoom’ – and don’t fancy singing via Zoom (we know it’s pretty existential!) but I wanted to say that I missed you all – the regulars, the erstwhiles, and those newbies who might have joined! So I am pretty stoked to let you know that we might have found a way to provide the Heavenly Harmonious Hulla experience for those who are happy to continue to Zoom, and those who only want to sing in the…Room… Read on, and we’ll tell you all about it!

Looking forward to seeing you all, in one form or another, for the next chapter of HullaBeats2020!

Kirsty x

The Way Ahead?

Thank you to everyone who came to our community meeting and voted for your preferences. Over the last couple of weeks, the Steering Group has carefully considered how best to provide a term that will work for as many of us as possible. We have taken advice, written risk assessments and kept up with the (ever-changing) government guidelines…so here’s what we are thinking…

Autumn Term Dates

Our Autumn term starts at 6.45 / 7pm-8:30pm, on 28th September and continues until 7th December, with a half term break on October 26th. For full list of Autumn term dates see the Autumn Term Dates Page on the website

Zoom as Default

Our default mode of delivery will be on Zoom, which will offer unlimited places to all, near and far, on Zoom, and will continue as default throughout the term.

What will be be singing?

We will be singing a wide range of 3 part harmony songs from all over the world and all across our repertoire, past, present and future – together.  There are no plans to work towards an end of term performance of any kind.

Zoom & Room Trial

However…. at the moment, it seems that choirs ARE allowed to meet, so long as we strictly adhere to terms and conditions and risk assessments and ‘own risk’ statements are signed by all singers.

So, with this in mind, and in order to try and accommodate as many folk as possible, we have decided to run a Zoom & Room trial evening, this coming 28th September.  We’re not completely sure how it will work, but we really want to be able to welcome singers back who only want to sing IRL (In Real Life)  – to see how it is for you, for us, for the Zoomers and the Roomers – for the whole Hulla community.

About the Room Option

The Room option on 28th September offers 30 Real Life places to those who are willing & able to meet IRL (In Real Life) This will be in accordance with all Covid-19 precautions, with our risk assessment strictly adhered to.

To participate in the room on 28 September you must book your place online, and click to accept that you have read the Hullabaloo Risk Assessment and agree to the Participation Conditions.

Room places will be allotted on a first come first served basis & will need to have a balance of voice parts.

ROOM TICKETS UPDATE 10pm Sunday 27.09.2020

We have a few tickets remaining for those who would like to join us in the Room! You must book before 5pm on Monday, and we will only accept bookings through this website.

Low – 3 spaces available
Middle – 1 space available
High – 5 spaces available

Come on High singers! (or those who might like to try a new part!)

Please note places can ONLY be booked through this website. We will not accept reservation by any other means. This is to ensure the Participation Conditions have been agreed by participants.

We have booked the most airy, capacious and resonant space we could find in Brighton to accommodate our Room trial – St Bartholomews Church.

Three Part Harmony

Kirsty will only be teaching 3 part harmony songs this term, and there is only space for 10 high singers, 10 middle singers and 10 low singers (think Unison in Harmony) in the Room on 28th Sept. Space in the Zoom will be unlimited.

Thanks for your understanding…..

We really hope that this will work for as many of us as possible. The Zoom and Room format will be evaluated, and if it works, and the Govt guidelines remain the same, we will continue with that format throughout the term. If not, we revert to Zoom. Either way – our term starts on 28th September.

Autumn Term Fees 

We understand that this is a financially precarious time for many people, so we are keeping our usual three-tiered fee structure, but adjusting the prices, as last term, in the hope we can keep Hulla affordable (whilst also pursuing various fundraising projects) to try and ensure that Kirsty and Anika still have an income and Hulla can continue without a break.  We offer a sliding scale dependent on your present financial position (we recognise that this may be different to your usual income, due to the current situation). Please look at the options below, use the monthly income guideline  and pay what you can. Thanks so much. x 

Zoom Term Fee Bands
Band 1: Monthly income below £1,300 = £55
Band 2: Monthly income between £1,300 – £2,000 = £82.50
Band 3: Monthly income above £2,000 = £110

If you feel that you are able to pay a higher level of fees than your income bracket suggests, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Room Fees
We have a venue for 30 IRL (In Real Life) singers for our Zoom & Room trial on Monday 28th Sept. 

There are 10 places in each voice part (high, middle and low) available on a first come first served basis. 

The cost for Monday 28th September is £10 / £12.50 £15. (as monthly income bands above). This is higher than usual because we have more costs with an IRL venue and, as you know, our funds are low.

Please note places can ONLY be booked through this website. We will not accept reservation by any other means. This is to ensure the Participation Conditions have been agreed by participants.

Bursary Places

As ever, we hold a few places back at a very low discretionary bursary fee, available on request. If you are having trouble finding the fee but are keen to join, please email

To book a place at a reduced rate, please select the lowest price option of your choice of booking and then select the ‘I will email regarding payment’ option at checkout and then email to discuss.