Autumn Term 2020

Comprehensive information for this term!

HullabaZoom & HullabaRoom!

At the moment, choirs ARE allowed to meet, so long as we strictly adhere to terms and conditions, risk assessments and ‘own risk’ statements are signed by all singers. The latest Government announcement has not changed our position, and our venue sent through their confirmation of our hire after the most recent announcements. 

What will be be singing?

This term we are singing a wide range of 3 part harmony songs from all over the world and our vast core repertoire, past, present and future.  There are currently no plans to work towards an end of term performance of any kind – though this may change as the term progresses.

Autumn Term Dates

For full list of Autumn term dates see the Autumn Term Dates Page on the website

Please note – half term is on 2nd November. – this is a change from the original date, due to venue availability. 

We’re Zooming as our default option…

Our default mode of delivery is through Zoom, which offers unlimited places to all, near and far. Zoom membership is available now.

We are still accepting HullabaZoom bookings for the whole term.

…but we’re also offering a Room option!

After our successful Zoom & Room Trial on Monday 28 September, we are now booking HullabaRoom places for the next 4 weeks: Mondays 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th October 

We are opening booking in two halves (pre and post half term). This is in case the government guidance changes and we are no longer able to meet IRL. (In Real Life) Also, we may find that we are able to offer more IRL places should conditions change.

High, Middle or Low?

There are twelve places available for each voice part (high, middle and low). You will be asked for your choice at registration. 

This will guarantee you a HullabaRoom place for the next four weeks – namely all the Mondays in October. (5/12/19/26!)

We are delighted to have secured

St Bartholomew’s Church – the most airy, capacious and resonant space in Brighton – to accommodate our HullabaRoom rehearsals!

IRL (In Real Life) sessions take place in accordance with all Covid-19 precautions, and with our risk assessment strictly adhered to. Choosing to be a ‘Roomer’ also involves reading and conforming to Hulla’s Risk Assessment & agreeing to the Participation Conditions (updated 02.10.2020) during registration.

Room places will be allotted on a first come first served basis & will need to have a balance of voice parts.

Please note places can ONLY be booked through this website. We will not accept reservation by any other means. This is to ensure the Participation Conditions have been agreed by participants.

Booking wilL close at 5pm every Monday and reopen again on Tuesday mornings

Autumn Term Fees 

We understand that this is a financially precarious time for many people, so we are keeping our usual three-tiered fee structure, but adjusting the prices, as last term, in the hope we can keep Hulla affordable.We offer a sliding scale dependent on your present financial position (we recognise that this may be different to your usual income, due to the current situation). Please look at the options below, use the monthly income guideline  and pay what you can. Thanks so much.  

Zoom Term Fee Bands
Band 1: Monthly income above £2,000 = £110
Band 2: Monthly income between £1,300 – £2,000 = £82.50
Band 3: Monthly income below £1,300 = £55

If you feel that you are able to pay a higher level of fees than your income bracket suggests, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Room Fees

The cost for the half term, Mondays 5th – 26th October, is £60 / £46/ £33 (as monthly income bands above).

Bursary Places

As ever, we hold a few places back at a very low discretionary bursary fee, available on request. If you are having trouble finding the fee but are keen to join, please email

To book a place at a reduced rate, please select the lowest price option of your choice of booking and then select the ‘I will email regarding payment’ option at checkout and then email to discuss.